10 Entertaining Children’s Day Activities That Kids Will Absolutely Love

children's day activities
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Remember the time when we were kids? Children’s Day was one of the most special days of our lives back then. Seeing our parents and teachers plan special Children’s Day activities made us feel loved and appreciated. But now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to take on the responsibility and make this day memorable for our kids too!

The best way to ensure kids have a great time on Children’s Day is to organize fun games and activities. So, whether you’re a parent who wants to invite your child’s friends over for a small celebration or a teacher looking to make this day extra special for your students, I’ve got you covered! Down below, you’ll find some exciting activities that kids can indulge in on the upcoming Children’s Day.


Children’s Day Activities You Can Organize at School


Take the Kids Out for a Picnic

Kids love to go on picnics and spend a day of leisure with their friends and teachers. So, take your students to a nearby park where they can play, have fun, and laugh their hearts out before wrapping up the day with a scrumptious lunch.


Organize a Mobile Planetarium

Give your students an educational and entertaining experience by renting out a mobile planetarium for your school. You will have to do a bit of research to find providers in your area who can set up and run shows for the kids. Experiencing the mystical beauty of the night sky and learning about different celestial bodies will surely leave the kids mesmerized.


Spend the Day Making Art and Crafts

Art and crafts are always a hit among children. So, spend this Children’s Day making arts and crafts, like this cute butterfly craft, with your students. Provide the kids with paint and canvas, or ask them to bring their own and let the creative juices flow. Add a little competitive spirit by turning this into a competition and rewarding the students who make the best art and craft projects.


Play Games

Kids can also spend their time playing indoor and outdoor games on this special day. Plan to have games like Musical Chairs, Simon Says, and Pass the Parcel when kids are indoors, and move to a Lemon and Spoon Race, Sack Race, or Scavenger Hunt when you take kids out to get some fresh air.


Visit an Orphanage

Plan to have your Children’s Day celebration at an orphanage. Your classroom kids and those living in the orphanage will have a chance to mingle with each other and celebrate this day together. By doing so, the kids at the orphanage will get a chance to have a good time, and your students will develop a sense of social responsibility and learn how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to others’ faces.


Children’s Day Activities for Kids and Their Families


Enjoy a Day Trip

One way to make our kids feel special on Children’s Day is to ask them where they would like to go for a day trip. Let them choose between the zoo, museum, amusement park, or water park. Take them to their favorite place and make the most of this day trip. Your kids will thank you for taking them out and making the day extra special.


Participate in Nearby Events

While there are many ways to spend quality time with kids at home, going to a special event has its own charm. As many events are organized across the city to celebrate Children’s Day, check out the social media pages of your nearby shopping malls and play places. You will likely find a few events where you can take your kid to have a fun time together.


Movie and Lunch

If your child has been asking to watch a movie, now is the right time to hit the theater! Wake up in the morning, make a special breakfast, and book tickets for the morning show. Don’t forget to grab a bucket full of popcorn to munch on as you enjoy the movie. Later, go to a restaurant for lunch and enjoy the food while you talk your hearts out.


Hit the Trails

Go on a hike as a family and spend time watching birds and capturing the beauty of nature using a camera or smartphone. Point out interesting plants, wildlife, and geological features so kids can learn while they explore their surroundings. Let them climb trees (under supervision, of course!) and collect natural items like sticks, seeds, and flowers for nature crafts, which they can make after returning home.


Have a Party

Invite your child’s friends and their families to celebrate Children’s Day together. You can have a dance party if kids enjoy dancing, or a costume party if that’s what they would like. Adults can have a potluck and bring in their child’s favorite foods for everyone to try. Add in some fun games to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the celebration.


Final Thoughts

Kids love Children’s Day! While every country celebrates this day on different dates throughout the year, the essence of it remains the same. Having a dedicated day that values, celebrates, and appreciates children is a wonderful way to show them how special they are. Celebrating this day not only boosts their self-esteem but also creates lasting memories they will cherish for years to come.

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