10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Kids at Home

Ways to spend quality time with kids at home

Amidst lockdowns and a pandemic, the safety of our families has become our topmost priority. And we are all aware that it is better to stay at home rather than step out when not necessary. Staying at home, however, can get boring when it is for extended periods. That’s when parents need to come up with ideas to spend quality time with their kids within the comforts of their homes. Here are ten ways to have a good time with your children and make memories for a lifetime.

1. Read Together

Inculcating the habit of reading is one of the best things parents can do for their children. Reading not only increases your knowledge and vocabulary, but it also helps in reducing stress and elevating the mood. Pick a suitable time of the day or anytime you feel like to have a reading session with your kids. You can either read a book to them or choose to read your books independently to have a quiet and quality reading time. Reading 15-20 minutes each day is enough to make a difference!

2. Movie Night

Kids enjoy watching movies as much as grownups. So why not arrange for a movie night right at home? There’s not much you need to do. Set up your couch with comfy pillows or even better if you could get spare blankets or a mattress on the floor so you and your kids can relax and watch their favorite movie. And don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Bake a Cake

Bonding with kids while baking is fun! Pick an easy recipe wherein your kids can contribute as well. Let them read and follow the recipe (with your help, of course!). Once they finish stirring and pouring the batter in a pan, take over, and place it in the oven. I am sure your kids will be happy and excited to see how their cake turns out!

4. Get Crafty

Crafting is a great way of showcasing creativity, and kids love crafts. So what better way to spend some time with kids than making lovely crafts? You can get creative and try to make something out of your imagination or get inspired by an idea on the internet, like this simple and cute butterfly craft for kids. Your kids will enjoy all the gluing, pasting, cutting, and coloring along with you.

5. Gardening

This activity will help your kids connect with nature and will give you a chance to teach them how plants are grown. If you have a backyard, designate a particular area for kids to start their flower or vegetable garden. If not, a small pot in your balcony or windowsill will be great for a start. When space is a constraint, ceramic cups or disposable glasses can come in handy to plant an indoor herb garden. Pick plant varieties that are easy to grow and maintain. Let your kids dig the soil, plant the seeds, and water them daily. They will be proud of themselves when they will see their plants growing.

spending quality time with kids

6. At-home Picnic

Picnics scream of good times, and nothing should stop you and your family from having a good time. Even when it is not possible to go out for a picnic, you can still have one within the confines of your home. Having a backyard would be a plus, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have one. Just spread an old picnic blanket on the floor, get some yummy picnic food, play some music, and voila! Enjoy the experience! Make sure to play some games to keep kids entertained.

7. Share your Hobby

Hobbies help in building confidence and self-esteem in children. Your kids will have their favorites, but if you share a hobby with them, they will appreciate it and enjoy it more because they will have your company. You can try something like painting or origami, or teach them to play a musical instrument if you know. When your kids will see you having a good time with them, they will be happy too!

8. Share Experiences

Having a long hearty chat with your children over a cup of coffee and hot chocolate will not only help you to connect with them but will also help in developing understanding and building trust towards each other. Your kids will get the message that you are always going to be there to hear them out and help them whenever they need it. Use this opportunity to share your childhood memories and experiences with your kids. They will love to know how you were as a kid and enjoy relating to it.

9. Games hour

Playing games with kids is not only fun, but it also instills a competitive spirit in them and teaches them to keep their spirits high even when they are losing a game. Board games are the best for playing indoors. However, if your kids are not willing to sit and want to burn off some energy, an obstacle course made out of pillows and chairs will do the trick. Let your kids choose what games they want to play and have fun!

10. Everyday Routine

Setting up an everyday routine for spending some time with your kids will help you and your kids know what to expect in a day. It is easier for them to understand when mom or dad will be available to spend time with them. A morning routine of having breakfast together or a bedtime routine with stories and cuddles is a great way to connect with kids. You can also start a study routine at a particular time of the day to help them with homework and other school work. This way kids are aware when they will get their parent’s full attention.

These were just ten ways of spending quality time with your kids when at home. There can be many more. How are you having a good time with your kids at home? Let me know!

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